Style: Its a Scam

Throughout my life, I’ve struggled finding my core style.   What I wanted to wear was all over the place and it was never centered.  But the thing is you don’t even need one style, you can wear absolutely anything.

Don’t worry if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit your “style” you’re going for.  Let your “style” be fluid and change daily.  This is especially prevalent in my life, the past year and a half has been a struggle for me as far as what trends I follow and the pieces of clothing I buy.  As 2018 began, I swore to myself that I am not to worry anymore about what other people think about what I wear or don’t wear.

In high school, that was one aspect about myself that I actually loved.  I would wear the craziest outfits to school and I never once worried that I had the approval of my peers.  Because of that care-free attitude, I eventually got approval.  Seems kinda backwards I know, but when you receive something you don’t need or want per say it makes you realize just how nice it is, therefore making the “Best Dressed Award” that much sweeter.

Living every day without thinking twice about how others view your clothes gives you a freedom to do whatever the heck it is you want.  If you don’t want to brush your hair or take off your pajamas then just don’t.  Or if you want to put on a full face of makeup and heels just to class then GIRL YOU BETTA WORK!! 


(Also plug my jewelry brand a lil bit with that custom set in the featured picture above)

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