What Sunshine Means To Me

☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀       ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀       ☀

Growing up my grandma had always called me Sunshine because I brightened her day.  She still occasionally calls me this and it brightens my day too.  It means more to me now that I actually understand what it is she is actually saying.  My favorite thing that happens on accident is when someone says “Good Morning, Sunshine”.  I’m aware they don’t mean it the same way that she does but its the warm feeling associated with it.  Its the feeling of familiarity and the reminder that with a smile you can brighten anyone’s day.

The word sunshine evokes positivity, light, and happiness.  If you’re able to be that for someone it really means the world.  I’d like to think if I tried a little bit, I can still bring light to someone’s day when they need it.

This nickname has kind of defined my natural personality since I was little and has since driven me to be more uplifting and positive.  Now I am trying to find that within myself and not just inspire others but also myself.  On my journey of college, it can really get you down whether I am lonely or just lost myself in the process.  Doubts about yourself will creep in without you even noticing but you just got to reminder yourself who you are, and you are AMAZING.  In the words of the wise and wonderful RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen?”

☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀       ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀      ☀       ☀

-Also RIP to this beautiful dog in the featured image, Bailey was a great dog, miss you❤

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